Friday, January 24, 2014

PPBF: The Day Leo Said I HATE YOU!

TitleThe Day Leo Said I HATE YOU!
Author/Illustrator: Robie H. Harris/Molly Bang
Publisher/Date: Little, Brown and Company/2008
Genre/Audience: Fiction/Ages 3-6
Themes: "No", anger, emotions (hate, love)

Opening: "Today, Leo's mommy couldn't stop saying "NO!"

Synopsis: (from book jacket)

No More NO! 
I Hate NO! 
Uh-oh… those three words just popped out - before Leo could stop them!

What's Mommy going to do now? Has Leo said words he shouldn't have said? How can those words make someone else feel? Will Mommy still love him?

In a warm and reassuring manner, Robie H. Harris and Molly Bang portray what happens when a little  boy feels SO frustrated and SO mad at a parent who has said NO all day long. Together, Harris and Bang delicately navigate not only the momentary angry feelings and outbursts of young children, but also the most profound bonds between a parent and a child.

Why I Love This Book
I'm a big fan of Molly Bang's work, so when I saw her name on the cover, I had to check out this book.  I wasn't disappointed. Reminiscent of her book When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry…, she employs bold color contrasts, masterfully incorporating the text into the illustrations, highlighting "NO". This book hits the mark, showing the frustration of both the mother and child. And the visual impact of the ultimate explosion, "I HATE YOU!", is the perfect pairing for those harsh words. The ending of this book is lovely, flowing from the reassurance of unconditional love to silly sharing and smiles.

Robie H. Harris, author website

Molly Bang, author/illustrator website

Online resource for anger management: "Get Your ANGRIES Out!"

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  1. Laura, I love books like this. They are so relevant to everyday life, that is nice to have a book like this on hand. Will look for the books at the library.The author and book reminds me of Julia Cook's books that address subjects like this. I've reviewed some of her books on my website. Great share. Good gifts book too.

  2. Oh, Laura, this looks like a counselor's dream! Thanks.

  3. Oh boy, I think we've all had one of these days. I'm interested to see how the author explores the aftermath of those words.

  4. this is one book I have to get. To be able to say those words and then navigate the bomb field is one story I have to read. thanks for introducing this book to us, Laura. :)