Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dynamic Duos

I'm always impressed with books that begin as a solo act and become so beloved that a sequel is commissioned. These hits are very different from a preconceived trilogy because it is only after the fact that a second book is written. So it is even more impressive when the second book takes the personality of the first book and successfully spins a new tale that is just as endearing. Let's take a look at two Dynamic Duos.

GASTON is one of my favorite picture books of 2014. It is cute, clever, and tackles the topic of blended families with humor and sensitivity. And now there is a companion book: ANTOINETTE. This spunky poodle isn't sure what makes her special, but she is about to find out that perseverance is key.

Author: Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrator: Christian Robinson

Marla Frazee's THE BOSS BABY is witty and spot-on in its assessment of how a baby turns a household upside down. And now there is THE BOSSIER BABY. A baby sister joins the scene! Bonus: A movie based on the concept of The Boss Baby will be in theaters soon.


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