Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick Summer Post

It's been a while!  Summer is so busy.  I just wanted to do a quick post to share a new picture book series my kids and I discovered recently (I love treasure hunting at the library!).

Written and illustrated by Lerryn Korda, this series, called Playtime with Little Nye, is terrific for the preschool set.  Glossy, card stock pages are just right for little hands.  Four friends inhabit each book: Little Nye, Nella, Lester, and Gracie.  Imagination is central to the storylines, which are simple and kid-centered.  The illustrations have a cartoonish, kid-art feel to them, using vibrant colors that draw the reader in.  There are four books, each featuring one of the friends as main character and one for each season.  So I'll start with summer!

It's Vacation Time
This is Nella's book.  She wants to take a vacation, but can't seem to get the suitcase closed.  As the friends decide what to take out, a vacation creates itself right there in their own backyard.

Rocket to the Moon!
This is Little Nye's book.  He is pondering the moon in autumn and decides to go there.  Kitchen tools become rocket components and all the friends share in an adventure into space!

Millions of Snow
This is Lester's book.  It is winter and snow is everywhere.  The friends are curious about Lester's preoccupation with rolling a lump of snow around.  Imagine: a new friend!

Into the Wild
This is Gracie's book.  Spring has arrived and she is busy packing her backpack.  She and her friends trek "to the wild place at the end of the yard."  After all, " Adventurers have to be brave."

Now take a vacation, a rocket, or a trek to your library to find these books, which will quickly become new friends!

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