Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be a Word Collector

Have you ever started a collection? As a kid, I had a rock collection and a sticker collection. Shells, coins, and stamps are regular collection fare. But what about words? Nothing could be more apt for writers. Here are two fabulous picture books that have word collections at their core. Both are ripe for writing lessons. Enjoy!

Max's Words by Kate Banks; Illustrated by Boris Kulikov - Max's brothers have collections and he wants one too. When he decides on words, they laugh at him. Max isn't deterred. He clips big words, small words, and favorites. Max is delighted to discover that when he arranges his collection in different orders, it really matters! When he strings words together, a story unfolds. The curiosity gets the better of his brothers and the three of them begin to build a story together. Reminiscent of "Magnetic Poetry", Max's Words is a tour de force demonstrating the surprising possibilities of the English language.

The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter; Illustrated by Giselle Potter - "Selig loved everything about words - the sound of them in his ears (tintinnabulating!), the taste of them on his tongue (tantalizing!), the thought of them when they percolated in his brain (strirring!), and, most especially, the feel of them when they moved his heart (Mama!)."

Selig, teased as "Wordsworth", sets out to find a purpose for his passion. After his words help a poet, he realizes he has found his mission: "It was spreading the word - sharing his words with others!"  End papers contain Selig's word collection and a glossary for all the italicized words provides an excellent resource for all word collectors!


  1. These are 2 of my most very favorite books! My most very favorite teacher has both of these and I love reading them with her kids. Thanks for sharing them!