Friday, March 29, 2013

PPBF: Monty and Milli: The Totally Amazing Magic Trick

Share your favorite picture book about friendship during the month of March. I hope you'll join the discussion!

Title:  Monty and Milli: The Totally Amazing Magic Trick
Author/Illustrator:Tracey Corderoy/Tim Warnes
Publisher/Date: Good Books/2012
Genre/Audience: Fiction/Ages 4+
Themes: siblings, magic

"Everything Monty did... Milli did, too."

Synopsis: (From book jacket)
"When Milli tried to help Monty with his best magic tricks, Monty wished his little sister would turn into a warty toad - until he thought she actually did."

Why I Love This Book
With simple text and engaging pictures, a story of sibling dynamics plays out in the context of learning magic. Monty is the older brother. He gets tired of Milli copying him all the time. When he gets a magic set, he is thrilled to have something to do by himself. But he realizes he misses Milli after a while. Families everywhere will relate to this sweet story of sibling rivalry and resolution.

The History of Abra Cadabra

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  1. I was surprised when I finally saw the cover, because I know of another Monty-doing-magic book - with a completely different Monty. I'll have to read this one too!

  2. Looks SUPER cute ... and I can always use another siblings book on my shelf Thanks!

  3. Every kid is mesmerized by magic tricks. This should be very satisfying for young readers. Great story of friendships.

  4. Sweet. I love those two mice on the front cover! Magic is always a winner.

  5. Nice message for kids. It's easy to take each other for granted.

  6. Cute cover! I like magic books. And sibling tension usually makes for a good story. I'll have to check this one out!

  7. Like the others I like the cover and think one can't go wrong with a sibling rivalry book. :)

  8. Oh, this is very sweet. My boys do pretty well together most of the time, but I know there are times the older one wishes the little one would "disappear."

  9. Too cute! I love the title and the cover. I'm adding this to my need to read soon list!!!!