Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This week, H and N's Grammy and Grampy are visiting.  The boys can't get enough of them and the same is true of my parents!  What a special bond children can have with their grandparents.  My kids just soak up all the fun, games, and silliness that is showered on them by their grandparents. Everytime they get together, they explore the world, finding worms, birds' nests, Brussels sprouts still on the stalk, and learn the joy of throwing a snowball or splashing in a puddle.

To pay homage to all the beautiful grandparent/grandchild relationships out there, here are a few terrific picture books that highlight this theme.  Enjoy!

The Hello, Goodbye Window (Author: Norton Juster; Illustrator: Chris Raschka) – Norton Juster of The Phantom Tollbooth fame has written his first picture book and it is incredible.  A little girl tells about a special window at her Nanna and Poppy’s house where you can make silly faces, gaze at the stars, and, maybe, just maybe, see unusual guests pass by.  Her special relationship with her grandparents is apparent in the details of the story.  When she has to go home, “You can be happy and sad at the same time, you know.”

Grandpa & Bo (Author/Illustrator: Kevin Henkes) – This poignant book about the special relationship between a boy and his grandfather touches the heart.  They spend the summer together learning, laughing, and loving each others’ company.  For grandchildren that live far away from their grandparents, this book is a must.

I Already Know I Love You (Author: Billy Crystal; Illustrator: Elizabeth Sayles) – All the excitement of being a Grandpa for the first time is conveyed in this lovely rhyming book.  The anticipation of showing a new grandchild the world, hearing giggles, making funny faces, and having special days are captured with warm illustrations.

Abuela (Author: Arthur Dorros; Illustrator: Elisa Kleven) – A girl imagines the adventures she would have with her grandmother if they could fly over New York City.  The rich illustrations match the cultural diversity celebrated in this story, where Spanish words and phrases are defined without interrupting the flow.  I love that the girl and her Abuela enjoy having adventures together.  The end leaves their next adventure to your imagination.

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  1. Being a grandfather seems to have enriched the relationships that I now enjoy with my grown children.
    I often feel that I missed much of the fun that parenting should have been while I was busy trying to earn a living.
    It's very gratifying to observe and to share in the joy that these little ones have brought to all our lives.
    The books you have recommended look intriguing. I am particularly interested in reading the one by Billy Crystal.