Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Uh Oh, SpaghettiOs!

When my youngest son was 16 months, he learned the phrase “Uh oh, spaghettiOs” from his Grammy. At the time, he would repeat it enthusiastically. Now, at 20 months, he initiates its use regularly. His spoon falls on the floor: “Uh oh, ra ra row”. A toy gets stuck under the couch: “Uh oh, ra ra row”. He tips his bowl of spaghetti over: “Uh oh, ra ra row”.

With this constant refrain in our house, I thought finding a bunch of spaghetti-themed books would make for a fun post.  (And, of course, I should mention that this is my three-year-old son's favorite dinner, so spaghetti is popular in this house in many ways!)  Enjoy!
On Top of Spaghetti (Author/Illustrator: Paul Brett Johnson; Lyrics: Tom Glazer) – I love this take on the classic song.  Who can resist these opening lines? “Howdy, folks.  Welcome to Yodeler Jones’s Spaghetti Emporium & Musicale.  You’re just in time to hear about the BIG SNEEZE.”  The reader is treated to a story just as silly as the song, with hysterical consequences.  Sheet music, lyrics, and a recipe for spaghetti and meatballs are included!

Strega Nona (Author/Illustrator: Tomie dePaola) - If you have never read this book, you are missing out.  "Grandma Witch" can cure headaches, make potions, and get rid of warts.  But she needs help.  Big Anthony ("who didn't pay attention") comes on the scene and chaos ensues when he disobeys Strega Nona and touches her magic pasta pot.  A funny story with subtle lessons in cause & effect and logical consequences.
Spaghetti Eddie (Author: Ryan SanAngelo; Illustrator: Jackie Urbanovic) - Who knew spaghetti had so many uses?  Eddie's favorite food saves the day in a number of unusual situations.  The neighbors come together to celebrate!
More Spaghetti, I Say! (Author: Rita Golden Gelman; Illustrator: Mort Gerberg) - This is a level 2 Scholastic Reader.  Seuss-like in rhyme and silliness, this story will make readers laugh with all the funny ways to eat and use spaghetti.

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