Friday, April 20, 2012

Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title: Like a Windy Day
Author/Illustrator: Frank Asch & Devin Asch
Publisher/Date: Harcourt, Inc./ 2002
Genre/Audience: Fiction/Ages 3+

Themes: wind, imagination, play

Opening: "I want to play like a windy day."

SynopsisFrom School Library Journal - "In a poetic text, a girl imagines herself doing all of the things that the wind can do. The brief story is filled with action verbs as the child follows the personified wind through the countryside, into town, and along the beach and riverside. The exciting pen-and-ink illustrations were colorized in Adobe Photoshop. Broad and sweeping spreads are filled with movement as the child tumbles, races, and flies until she settles at the end "like a gentle breeze."

Why I Love This Book It is spring and, boy, can it be windy!  I love this text for all the read-alouds and weather units it could be incorporated into.  Not to mention the fabulous illustrations that portray the wind as an adventurous (and sometimes mischievous) playmate.  The first line, "I want to play like a windy day", is repeated throughout the book, adding different details each time, incorporating all the things that wind can do.

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful book, Laura. Thanks so much for sharing. I love being able to add books on weather elements!

  2. How did you find Mara's Movers. I LOVE the idea of using picture books and motion. I might try it in my storyhours. - Colleen (I didn't realize I had a blogspot alias!)

  3. I can't see the front cover without thinking of Mary Poppins! There is so much movement in that one illustration that I bet the interior is fabulous.

  4. Love the illustrations on the cover. Great way to help children enhance their vocabulary skills. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. The cover grabs my attention and I think of myself in the wind. What a wonderful fantasy of following the wind. The illustrations sound beautiful Great choice!

  6. Oh I relate to this topic.... it can get very windy here in spring having the two coasts, east and west very close. Like Joanna I to thought of Mary Poppins when I first saw the cover... :-) Lovely choice!