Friday, May 10, 2013

PPBF: Nibbles: A Green Tale

Title: Nibbles: A Green Tale
Author/Illustrator: Charlotte Middleton
Publisher/Date: Marshall Cavendish Children/2009
Genre/Audience: Fiction/Ages 6+
Themes: guinea pigs, gardening, conservation/sustainability 

"If there was one thing Nibbles loved more than soccer, it was... eating dandelion leaves. He ate dandelion leaves... at breakfast time, at lunch time, and at dinner time."

Synopsis: (From
"The guinea pigs of Dandeville love munching dandelion leaves so much that slowly but surely dandelions are disappearing all over town. Soon there is only one dandelion left! A little guinea pig named Nibbles finds this last dandelion right outside his window. What should he do? Nibbles finds a way to save the day—and the dandelions—in this green tale, which is captured in unique mixed-media artwork."

Why I Love This Book
First, the irony of a story based on the disappearance of dandelions tickles the funny bone. And what a fun way to learn about gardening and sustainability! Nibbles is so resourceful and so huggable that you can't help but love his character. This is a simple read with an important message. And there is even a sequel: Nibbles' Garden: Another Green Tale.

Eating Dandelions is not just for animals!

Gardening for Kids

Seed Dispersal Methods

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  1. One of my favorite photos of me growing up is of me and my guinea pig, Ginger! They are cute critters. Using one as MC is a brilliant way to get kids on board with the author's message.

  2. I love it. . . "Dandeville"! What a clever way to get across an ecological message. Sure wish nibbles would come our way and eat those weeds in our front yard. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds very clever indeed! I don't know what it is about guinea pigs, but they make some of the best books! Thanks for the review.

  4. I am a sucker for guinea pigs and I love how this has been woven into an ecological tale.

  5. I need those guinea pigs on my front lawn right now!! Sounds absolutely cute with a great message. Thanks, Laura

  6. There was a time we made salad from dandelions greens and other Yule Gibbons things. Now it's time for ecology. Thanks so much for sharing this cute book. :)

  7. This sounds very fun - I love the irony :) And Nibbles is so cute :) I always love to find good new stories about being green, so thanks for adding this to our list!

  8. Very cute tale and I just love guinea pigs. Excellent for the think green

  9. This sounds precious. I have added it to my list!

  10. Such a charming story for kids. Like the idea of the emphasis on green for children.

  11. And here we are, thinking we have to get rid of dandelions.:)
    Great review of a story that adults will enjoy for the irony and kids will enjoy because it's fun! Thanks, Laura, for adding it to the PPBF list.