Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloweensie Contest 2012

The Contest: write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words witch, bat, and "trick-or-treat". Your story can be scary, funny or anything in between, poetry or prose, but it will only count for the contest if it includes those 3 words and is 100 words (you can go under, but not over!) Get it? Halloweensie - because it's not very long and it's for little people :)  Click here to read all the other silly, scary, and spooky entries!

Here's my entry!


Jack O’Lantern was an orange-headed kid
With a very round face, a stem on his lid.

On Halloween night, Jack met an old witch.
He begged for a spell and presented his pitch.

“I want to trick-or-treat like a regular boy
In spooky attire.  I love Almond Joys.”

Jack guzzled her brew, full of bat wings
And all sorts of other odd, horrible things.

“Jack?” Joe asked.  “You’re as white as a ghost.”
"A witch threw a pumpkin. I thought you were toast!”

“My pumpkin head’s gone! I feel….BOO!” Jack haunted.
“Turning into a ghost was not what I wanted.” 

(100 words exactly!)


  1. How fun and clever. Really nice entry, Laura.

  2. Excellent, Laura! I heart that orange-headed kid.

    Sandy got in my way. I tried to kick her with my boot, but she insisted on bringing wind and snow in her little bag of treats.

  3. This is really cute, Laura. I love how he wanted to drink the potion.

  4. Poor Jack - I can('t) see him now! Good fun!

  5. This is FANTASTIC!

    Poor Jack.
    We must watch what we witch for.

  6. Wonderful twist, Laura! The old you might just get what you wish for! :) Thanks for a very creative, fun, entertaining entry - so glad you joined in the fun! :)

    1. Thanks, Susanna. Your contest was tons of fun, as usual. Except that my original draft was nearly 200 words! This was an incredible lesson in revision. So thanks for that, too!

  7. Great entry, Laura. I loved it from the first line "orange headed kid."

    I agree that these little contests Susanna hosts are great revision practice. I always end up having to pare down to the bare essentials. Such a good lesson!

  8. This was great, and I loved the surprise ending! Julie

  9. Well, he learned an important lesson: be specific, or you could be haunted by the outcome. He did ask for spooky :)

  10. So funny, the potion-drinking pumpkin...reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
    Clever idea and great rhyme. :)